Numinous: A Dirge of Rood’ravil – Book 1

Growing up with a step-mother that couldn’t care less if she existed and a father that abandoned her at a young age, Lily Blackmoor mostly took care of herself, and her younger brother Sebastian, on her own. Teased relentlessly through elementary and middle school, she didn’t have it much better at school. It wasn’t until her small, tabby cat Blink lured her into a magical hideaway that everything changed.

He wasn’t what he seemed and was on a mission to bring her back to her home world. But the road back is hard and deadly, and there are conditions before they can make the journey. It’s not until she was so close to meeting those conditions that the least likely person shows up making everything more complicated.

In the meantime, her brother Sebastian is having terrible nightmares, that at first he shrugs off, but when it’s clear they are trying to tell him something; he starts to listen. The message: Lily, if not stopped, will leave a wake of destruction over the Earth, and it’s up to him to stop her. Told from different characters point of view, Numinous is a story of magic, power and adventure, love and fear, trials and suffering, and of faith

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Numinous Book Cover

Numinous is the first book in a much larger fantasy series.