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Jason Ingolfsland was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1985, moved around a lot, and eventually ended up in Tennessee where he refused to say “Y’all” or develop an accent. He escaped to Minneapolis, Minnesota and is still grateful for that. Taking an interest in stories and literature at a young age, writing became an inevitability he didn’t see coming until after he decided to write a short story on his laptop. He hasn’t stopped writing since. 

He’s written and published several novels, short stories, and screenplays. He intends to write many more. He believes stories help people work through problems whether philosophical, theological, ethical, or relational and act as a catharsis. They also get people to think and struggle with issues. If anything, they’re entertaining and he thinks there’s value in that. His prime desire is to write fascinating stories that people haven’t read before with characters that draw readers back for more. He wants to write stories that stick, and he thinks he’ll keep trying until something works out.