June 1

I Didn’t Fall Into The Void: or, How This Writer Never Gives Up


I’m alive! I bet you thought I had fallen into the ugly, dark void that many authors tend to go. To a degree, I guess I did, but I’ve clawed my way out and have no plans to return. I don’t give up too easily when it comes to writing.

So I was looking at my old blog posts and the latest post published was back in August of 2019. That’s almost a year away. A whole year! That’s nuts. And slightly irresponsible.

So, I suppose this blog is just helping catch anyone who cares up on what I’ve been doing and what I’m doing now. This will be really quick, I promise.

In short, personal life stuff has primarily kept me away from writing. I’ve written here and there, but nothing extensive. It’s seriously that simple. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you have almost no time to dedicate to writing. Writing is hard and sometimes it just doesn’t fit within a person’s lifestyle. Sometimes you just have to deal and hope one day you can hop back into the saddle.

Well, now feels like a good time to take the writing horse for a spin.

Obviously, I’ve made sweeping changes to my online presence because I’ve got big plans for the future. I’m working on Orphan’s Hollow 2, which isn’t the official title, by the way.

I also want to do a top-to-bottom rewrite and edit of Gravity’s Umbra (anyone remember that project?), which will also get re-titled. Probably something more like Gravity’s Massacre or Bloody Umbra or Killer Squids in Space: A Gravity’s Umbra Story (none of those titles are really happening. Sorry). Anyway, after analyzing the structure and the components, I’ve realized there’s a heartbeat in it after all but it just needs to be re-tooled and re-thought out.

I also have been chipping away at a post-apocalyptic serial story idea, but it’s in the larval stages right now. The idea is to write a good chunk and start publishing it on my newsletter or maybe somewhere else. Stay tuned for more on that.

Anyway, that’s it. That’s the blog. I’m going to do my best to keep whoever cares informed on this stuff.


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