April 27

Reading a Dusty Manuscript


It’s quite a thing to read an old manuscript you wrote a couple of years ago. “Did I write this?” was the first question that came to mind. I started reading the Gùltha manuscript I wrote after I finished Of Song and Singularity. I penned roughly 70k words before giving up and shelving the project.


I honestly can’t remember. I spent so much blood and sacrifice on it. The size of the project scared me, that’s for sure. For a time, I never thought I’d actually come back to it. I figured it would just end up an unfinished fantasy series I started a long time ago.

Now that I’ve read some of it again, I see how terribly short-sighted and foolish I was to abandon the project. It’s just too good to give up.

Some of this writing is surprising. I have hard time believing I wrote it back then. Of course, some of it is really bad, too.

Re-reading the manuscript has also triggered my brain into inspiration. I’m remembering again what it was like to plan and pen an epic saga like this. I have to tell you. It’s fun!

It’s also daunting. The level of complexity in this series is ambitious. Maybe a little too ambitious?

I have plans to drastically and radically adjust how I wanted to move forward with the project. Originally, I wanted to do a three novel series, but now I think I’m going to split everything up into smaller, more manageable novels.

I’m excited to get started but also feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully once I get the juices flowing, it’ll be hard to stop me.



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