NaNoWriMo Tip #12 – Every Minute Counts

If there’s one thing writers love most, it’s having a big chunk of free time to sit down and churn out words like a madman. “Just a couple of hours is all I need,” we might say. “I could get so much done.”

While having large chunks of writing time is ideal and most productive, it might not be likely, plausible, or even reasonable in your situation. Some days you’ll have those time clusters to bang out the masterpiece but if you’re like most people, those days will be few and far between.

So, what’s a busy writer to do?

First, recognize that every minute counts. In turn, every word counts. Quick, how many words could you write in 60 seconds? Quite a few I’d bet. Even if you wrote two sentences within a 60 second period, that’s two more than you had before.

Obviously, I don’t really recommend writing for 60 second periods. That would drive a writer straight to the looney bin.

Here’s what I do recommend: Budget your time. 

I have a writer friend who is super busy. He rarely has time to write. But he makes time by budgeting his time. He would get up early and write for thirty minutes in the morning. He’d leave the office on his lunch break and write in the car. He’d stay up late nights and write.

Often, I would write on my phone when I commuted on the bus. It was a thirty-minute bus ride to and from work. I figured it wasn’t ideal, but it would do. My thumbs could get plenty of words down in thirty minutes and it helped get me further on my daily goals.

The point is wherever you can find time to write for NaNoWriMo, then you need to do it.

Every minute counts. So don’t wait around for that writer’s magical time oasis. Just find any small moment of time and write.

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