NaNoWriMo Tip #2 – Create a Killer Writing Playlist

Whether you like music or not, I’d highly suggest crafting a killer writing playlist. Seriously. Writing will help set a mood, give you the motivation to keep going and tap into the emotion of the story. If you have to write to silence and can’t stand writing to music, then there’s no time better than now to break the habit and hop on the music train. Writing in total silence can lead to writer’s block way too quickly. Music, on the other hand, will help drown out the noise.

I use Spotify to craft my playlists. It has an endless supply of music so I know I’ll never run out and it has soundtracks. Every writer has their own taste of writing music. Just like when runners listen to music. Whether its pop, rock, country, classical, or soundtracks, you need to find what works best for you.

I might recommend, however, to use music that fits your genre and your story. It’ll feel weird if you’re writing an epic fantasy with Taylor Swift in the background.

Once you got that killer playlist, be sure to share it with the world with #NaNoWriMoPlaylist. Let me know about it, too!

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