August 6

Two Weeks In


It’s been two weeks since I gave up social media. And I’ve never been happier. First, let’s talk about the some of the interesting side effects of not being plugged in all the time.

When you’re constantly checking social media, you know everything that’s going on in all your family and friends lives, and even some of your not-so-friends and mostly just random acquaintances lives, too. Before social media, my brain took it for granted that it would never know everything that’s going on. Not knowing gave it a lot more space for other stuff. But, after social media, the brains like, “Holy crap, I can know tons of stuff about all the people you care about. Let’s just jack into this 24/7, okay?” Sure, brain. Whatever you say.

The constant feed of knowing doesn’t provide room for anything else and develops a “fear of losing out” mode. So, now that I’m not plugged in, my wife is like, “Did you see that thing on Facebook about so and so?”

Nope. And it’s fantastic. Because now my brain doesn’t even care to look at Facebook anymore.

So, what have I been doing with my free time?

Reading and writing. Big surprise, right? I’ve also been caught in those horrible situations where you have to just sit and twiddle your thumbs and, you know, be an adult and sit patiently. In other words, I’ve been bored a lot.

And it’s the best.

In my prior post, I talked about embracing boredom to kickstart the imagination again. It worked like a charm. I’ve been coming up with new story and character ideas left and right. Being bored allows me to also focus in on my surroundings and actively describe things in my head. Actively describing things allows me to do it in a better way when I’m writing.

If I had a screen in my face the whole time, I’d be honed in on someone else’s life rather than my own.

Having the time to read more has also been a good way to unwind and escape from reality for a while. Plus, it allows me to analyze writers, writing styles, and story structure. All things Facebook can’t provide me.

In short, the last two weeks have been the best yet.

Am I going to check Facebook and Twitter ever again?

This is a question in the back of my mind right now. Personally, I have little desire to do it. The negatives seem to greatly outweigh the positives. Right now, I’m going on week three of the experiment. At the beginning of September, I’ll have to make a decision. Should I go another month or should I tweak the rules a little bit? At this point, I’m good with going another month without it. Maybe after a few months, I’ll decide to check it once a month or something. But, as the Joker once said…


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