April 22

Sci-fi Novel ‘Of Song and Singularity’ is Now on Kindle Unlimited


I’m happy to announce that my science fiction novel, Of Song and Singularity, is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Allowing people to have access to thousands of titles, Kindle Unlimited is essentially Netflix for books. Voracious readers would find it the most enticing as they can read as much as they want. So, whether you’re already signed up or want to sign up for my book, it’s now easier than ever to access my books.

Of Song and Singularity is a young adult science fiction novel about Wrenna, a teenager living in a utopian world governed by an artificially intelligent being. But not all is truly right with her world and her cozy, luxurious lifestyle will be turned on its head before too long. In order to survive the vicious realities of her world, she must put her trust in her father and the people she meets along her journey. But ultimately she must put more trust in herself. 

So, why bring it to Kindle Unlimited? Well, Kindle Unlimited provides a unique opportunity for authors to connect with their readers in a way they haven’t ever before. By giving Kindle Unlimited readers access to Of Song and Singularity, I’m able to provide this product to more readers and also able to give current readers access to it as well. It’s an all around win-win situation. I think Kindle Unlimited is just another great tool for authors to utilize and considering Amazon’s larger reader ecosystem, it felt like a no-brainer.

Of Song and Singularity is all about survival. It was an experiment, of sorts. It’s an examination at how pampered humanity could become with technology and how taking all of that away could lead to some disastrous consequences. Wrenna truly has everything she could want with very little worries. I tried to think what it might be like to go from a life totally taken care of to a nightmarish holocaust where the being you trusted in suddenly seems to have turned on you. That’s what Wrenna faces in a nutshell in Of Song and Singularity.

Young adults and teens that enjoyed The Hunger Games, and have access to Kindle Unlimited, would totally enjoy this book. Many of my readers praise its fast-paced narrative and how it doesn’t skip a beat. So if you’re looking for an action packed thrill ride, then look no further.

What are you waiting for? Go and read Of Song and Singularity, now!


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