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Fooled by Mr. Keating: Embracing Plot Structure

Previously, I wrote about how I defied rules and structure in my writing in Fooled by Mr. Keating. Some might call this style “post-modern” writing and I certainly had my head entrenched in that school of thought. It was not to my benefit. I think it makes sense to dig a little deeper. Let’s talk about plot structure in fiction writing.

Before we get into it, I want to make clear no potential genre novelist wants to be a post-modern writer.

Why not?

True Stories on Friday the 13th

Superstitions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you have to knock on wood or throw salt over your shoulder. Somewhere along the way in human history, Friday the 13th kept getting passed down from generation to generation as a bad, unlucky day. Many point to Christ, the 13 disciples, and Good Friday as the beginning, or the Knights Templar and their horrific torture, but the most likely explanation point to William Fowler.

The movie Friday the 13th, of course, probably helped reinvigorate interest for today’s modern sensibilities. I remember growing up always hearing from classmates about how “tomorrow was Friday the 13th. Better watch out! Something bad might happen.” I didn’t believe it, but kids love to play pretend. For the longest time, I always thought no one really bought into it. Apparently, I was wrong.

Cyber Monday

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Two brothers hike the Appalachian woods, stalked by men with brutal intentions. A man wakes up in a car trunk with temporary memory loss. A loner sees a monster in the theater seats. A Claims Analyst discovers he isn’t alone in his hotel room.

A collection of four horror stories, Pocket Wilderness & Other Horrors tells the tale of men who must step outside their shell, face their fears, and find out who they really are. But no matter how hard they fight, can they survive the horrors that surround them?

Short Story – Water


What’s Thanksgiving without a little reading material to pass the time while you’re patiently waiting for food? I can’t think of a Thanksgiving where I haven’t sat down for a little bit and read something on the couch with the wonderful smell of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie filling up the house. This story came to me fairly recently and it is loosely based on true events. I will warn it is in many ways a horror, and it’s also rather disgusting. So, if you are faint of heart or have a weak stomach, perhaps consider reading this another day.

If you would rather read this in PDF format, you can download the copy here.





by Jason Ingolfsland

All Rights Reserved.


Charlotte had to get it right, and on her first trip out to the grocery store she spent an hour standing in front of the turkeys, trying to decide on the size and brand. She waffled over a 12 pound or a 16 pound stressing over how it looked, and if it would feed everyone. She had to get it right.

So she erred on the side of caution and chose the 16 pound.

Her in-laws and extended family were coming over for Thanksgiving and it was the first time she and her husband Eric hosted.