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    Movie Review – The Paradox of ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’

    So, here I was sitting on my couch, checking my Twitter feed when I saw the headlines that not only had the Cloverfield Paradox trailer released but the movie would drop on Netflix after the Super Bowl. Color me Cloverfield. I was elated. Naturally, my wife and I quickly switched it on, eager to see the new installment. I’ve been a fan of Cloverfield since the first movie. I remember not too many people enjoying it because of the shaky cam. That didn’t bother me. The comedy, characters, mystery, and suspense pulled me in from the beginning and set that movie apart from the usual trashy monster movie. 10 Cloverfield…

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    ‘Black Mirror’ – Season 4, Ranked

    For paranoid technophobes like myself, Black Mirror is the perfect television show. I regularly read futurist predictions, the latest technology, and anything else that will spell doom for the human race. In other words, I read¬†Wired a lot. It’s a bad habit. The beauty of Black Mirror is the simultaneous¬†catharsis and dread I feel after watching an episode. I dread the realities of each episode, the very real near future possibilities. The catharsis comes when I realize the show exists purely to act as one giant red flag. This is not a show basking in the glory of the future. It’s dreading it. In a way, it’s the anti-Star Trek.…