• don't trust writing gurus

    Don’t Trust Writing Gurus

    The desire to be a writer is big business and writing gurus know it. Across Google’s searches on writing are a plethora of “How To” articles telling you what you need to do to be a successful author. Many of these are well-intentioned and want to provide good advice. Many others are snake oil salesman. Distinguishing the two can become difficult but it could save you a ton of money and a heap of unneeded disappointment. Writing gurus, as I like to call them, are defined as being writers who likely had a tremendous amount of success in their own writing endeavors, selling loads of books through various means. Somewhere…

  • Journal

    Two Weeks In

    It’s been two weeks since I gave up social media. And I’ve never been happier. First, let’s talk about the some of the interesting side effects of not being plugged in all the time. When you’re constantly checking social media, you know¬†everything that’s going on in all your family and friends lives, and even some of your not-so-friends and mostly just random acquaintances lives, too. Before social media, my brain took it for granted that it would never know everything that’s going on. Not knowing gave it a lot more space for other stuff. But, after social media, the brains like, “Holy crap, I can know tons of stuff about…