• new year

    A New Year With One Goal

    Each New Year, millions gather together to celebrate the passing of the old and the coming of the new. Lips and glass collide to ring in a new cycle of the Earth’s orbit, one tiny blue grain of sand in the sea of the universe, circling a fireball among thousands. For an experience neither unique or extraordinary, it’s still magical. There’s no denying it. And, for some reason, a new rotation of the Earth compels us to rotate ourselves toward something better, something fresh. But, good intentions rarely make good on them. Everyone knows most people break their resolutions. It’s just human nature. We want the feels but when the…

  • Thoughts

    Goal One – Build a Routine, Stick to It

    Well, it’s the new year, and don’t you know it’s time to start fresh and make some new goals. Goal one is building a routine and sticking to it. I am not a routine kind of person, wanting to keep things open and not feel confined by parameters. However, I’ve realized it’s a bad habit to not have a routine. If anything, I’ve made a rough outline to stick to and be a code for my daily life. If something comes up, I’ll be flexible. But, why is routine good? What benefits does it provide me? Routine forces action and pushes me forward toward my goals. If I’m wanting to…