• The Myth of the Wealthy Author

    The Myth of the Wealthy Author

    The myth of the wealthy author has existed for many moons. With the dawn of the printing press, authorship suddenly became popularized and widespread rather than exclusive only to bald monks in a dank basement. Charles Dickens, of course, comes to mind as one of the first wealthy authors to appear in modern times. Dostoyevsky might have been wealthy, too, if he hadn’t been bad at managing his money. Today, we have J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and James Patterson, among other popular authors who have made millions (though arguably some of these authors get great movie royalties, too). In pop culture, there’s also the “Lotto Winning Author” (i.e. Stephanie Meyer).…

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    Cyber Monday

    If you’d like another chance to get my short horror story collection Pocket Wilderness & Other HorrorsĀ on Amazon for FREE, well, you’re in luck. On Cyber Monday, I’ll be running another sale and it will be FREE again for you to download to your Kindle.   Click Here for the Amazon Page Two brothers hike the Appalachian woods, stalked by men with brutal intentions. A man wakes up in a car trunk with temporary memory loss. A loner sees a monster in the theater seats. A Claims Analyst discovers he isn’t alone in his hotel room. A collection of four horror stories, Pocket Wilderness & Other Horrors tells the tale…