Orphan’s Hollow

Orphan’s Hollow: The Raven – Part 1

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While the North Family Farm was historically held in high esteem for its work in adoption and foster care, over the years its reputation eroded.Whispers and gossip spread across Hopewell about the strange and odd happenings at the farm at certain times of the year.

Slightly ashamed of the family reputation and unable to do the work at the farm due to his disability, Josiah North, the only biological son of Obadiah North IV and heir to the farm, studied in secret, hoping to be accepted at the University of Minnesota and start a new life.But the farm has other plans, and when his parents leave for their anniversary, Josiah will be forced into a struggle to survive the mysterious horrors of Orphan’s Hollow.

Is Orphan’s Hollow a complete novel?

No. Not yet, anyway. The book is a serial novelization being published each month exclusively on Amazon. Part 1 is called “The Raven” and is available now.

How many parts will there be in the series?

While this is always subject to change, seven is the planned number of parts to complete the novel. Once all parts are published, there will be an “Omnibus” compiling all parts together into one book. My goal is to have each part published each month of the year. One part each month for seven months means the full novel will be completed before the end of the year.

Will you be giving away parts for free?

Yes. For now, I will be running daily deals on Amazon, Instafreebie, and signing up to my Newsletter. The best way to stay informed is signing up to my newsletter, liking me on Facebook and following me on Twitter.

What’s the second part called?

The Girl Next Door.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email ingolfslandauthor[at]gmail.com.