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How to Write Subtext: Don’t Be Captain Obvious

At one point in time you’ve read a novel or watched a movie and finished it saying, “Man, that was too preachy.” Some say on the nosecheesy, spoon-fed, or in your face, but what they really mean is the writer didn’t use subtext to get across a message but rather used exposition in the dialogue or narration.

We’ll call this writer Captain Obvious. You don’t want to be Captain Obvious. 

Here are a few reasons why:

How I Write 3,000 Words Per Hour

A while ago, a friend told me about a technique where you could write 5,000 words per hour. It’s from a book called, surprise, 5,000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox. The book is good and has plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques to squeeze the most out of your precious writing time.

Last winter I took a little retreat and utilized his technique. It didn’t quite work the way he promised, but it did give me the added benefit of writing faster than before.

Here’s the ultimate problem with trying to write 5,000 words per hour.