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    15 Spoiler-Filled Thoughts on ‘Rogue One’

    If you somehow didn’t manage to read the title before looking at this article, let me make it abundantly clear – SPOILERS AHEAD. Rogue One has many ‘firsts’ for the Star Wars franchise. It’s the first Star Wars film to not have a text crawl in the beginning. The first to not have John Williams as the composer (No, the Ewok movies don’t count). It’s also the first to not have any Jedi. It stands apart on many different levels, making it a unique story within the Star Wars mythos. After watching Rogue One for the first time, I thought I’d list off a bunch of my thoughts. And again it’s a minefield of…

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    It’s really easy for me to get tunnel vision looking toward the future, toward progress, rather than taking a breath and being in the here and now. How quickly those ambitions turn to greed, and greed unfulfilled only leads to anxiety and fear. That’s not how I want to live my life constantly in fear and agony over my goals. So for today and for every day I will be thankful for what I have, use the blessings I have to the best of my ability, and spurn greed and anxiety like the plague. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. ~JI

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    I think one of the scariest things for a writer is staring at a blank page and wondering how they will ever write that perfect first sentence to draw in their readers. For non-writers, that’s a strange fear, but you’ll have to believe me when I say it’s the stuff of nightmares. It cripples the best of us. In many ways, this new website is a blank page for me. I’m staring at it, clueless on how I want it to be shaped, formed, and to best represent my vision of who I am as a writer. How do I draw you in? I suppose that’s the question all writers face whenever crafting…