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    ‘Carouseling’ by Rich Larson – A Review

    I thoroughly suggest you first read this short story before you continue.  If you want to create a tearjerker, establish two lovers happy together and then tragically rip them apart. This Rich Larson fully understands in his short science fiction story ‘Carouseling,’ published in Clarkesworld Magazine. But, he also deftly establishes the tragic nature of the story, tipping off his audience ever so subtly that there will be no happy ending. Perhaps it’s the melancholic tone or lack of urgency in the plot to bring them back together, but either way, this story is a gut punch by the end and much of that is thanks to Larson’s solid handling…

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    Facing Death in ‘Pet Sematary’

    Some time ago while I lay on the couch, a wave of thought came over me – What is the nature of death? Our own existence is what we’ve known since birth and contemplating the end of existence feels like a foreign invader. The idea that all of this will cease struck me, it struck me to the core. I felt hollow inside and numb. I lay there for almost an hour, still, staring up at the popcorn ceiling. Boy, was that a horrible feeling. There’s nothing productive about those kinds of thoughts and I haven’t delved back in since, but I did come to one truth: Death is scary…