• new year

    A New Year With One Goal

    Each New Year, millions gather together to celebrate the passing of the old and the coming of the new. Lips and glass collide to ring in a new cycle of the Earth’s orbit, one tiny blue grain of sand in the sea of the universe, circling a fireball among thousands. For an experience neither unique or extraordinary, it’s still magical. There’s no denying it. And, for some reason, a new rotation of the Earth compels us to rotate ourselves toward something better, something fresh. But, good intentions rarely make good on them. Everyone knows most people break their resolutions. It’s just human nature. We want the feels but when the…

  • Christmas Eve

    A Merry Christmas Eve

    Traditionally, I’ve always spent Christmas Eve night opening presents with my family. It sounds weird. Most families I’ve met open maybe one present on Christmas Eve night and open the rest Christmas morning. I suppose we just broke with tradition. I’m not entirely sure why it started. I have my assumptions but none of it really matters. It certainly wasn’t impatience, I’ll say that much. This year is different. For the first time in my life, I’ll be spending this day waiting and listening and enjoying the present while preparing for the next day. Not one gift will be opened. Not one stocking. The day will be devoted to waiting. While Advent teaches…

  • Journal

    Two Weeks In

    It’s been two weeks since I gave up social media. And I’ve never been happier. First, let’s talk about the some of the interesting side effects of not being plugged in all the time. When you’re constantly checking social media, you know everything that’s going on in all your family and friends lives, and even some of your not-so-friends and mostly just random acquaintances lives, too. Before social media, my brain took it for granted that it would never know everything that’s going on. Not knowing gave it a lot more space for other stuff. But, after social media, the brains like, “Holy crap, I can know tons of stuff about…

  • writer

    A Month Without Social Media

    Recently, I’ve made two challenges for myself: Do not look at Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account for an entire month starting July 24th. Read at least two books during that month. The goal is to be able to get my head in the right place, devouring more words on the page and also setting aside time to write. Social media obviously can become an addictive time suck but I think it also gets my head in the wrong places and kills my productivity. Already I’ve noticed a difference and a change in my thinking and my motivations. And over the course of the month, I’ll blog once…