• giving up on movies

    Giving Up Movies

    I’m giving up movies. They’ve been a huge part of my life since as long as I can remember. My dad would take me to the movie theater quite often and I’d obsessively watch the same movies on the VHS player over and over. I never tired of them. Until recently. Many reasons could have contributed to my recent fatigue. For the past several years I’ve reviewed movies for the website Minnesota Connected. Being able to review movies had always been a dream of mine and having the ability to get early and free pre-screenings really roared a fire under that passion. Though as time went on and my desire to…

  • film criticism

    Nitpicking and Film Criticism

    Film criticism is a tricky thing. Often, critics focus on a certain vantage point of a film. Rather than talking about every detail, they look at a highlight. Others will give an overall impression, providing a laundry list of pros and cons, but wrap it up to give a good sense of the finished product. But, some popular critics ask tons of questions, desperately poking holes in the plot, making the stack of cards come crumbling down. I want to address the latter critic, the “nit-picking” critic if you will. Poking holes in a plot can be a powerful and useful way to approach a film. However, if this is…

  • flash fiction

    In Space, No One Can Hear You Jest: A Flash Fiction

    Roosevelt stood backstage at The Hyena, waiting for his name to be called. He adjusted his tie and straightened out his suit. By his reckoning, he was the only comedian to wear a suit and tie at these clubs. The others looked like total schlubs with dirty jeans and a hoodie. He kept it classy. Derek Heart was the opener. A newbie, he struggled through some jokes but got in a few zingers. Giving his last punchline, he said, “That’s all, Friendsies. See you next time!” A slight applause trickled and popped but didn’t make an uproar. Heart passed by, saying insincerely, “Good luck, Rosie.” He smirked and made a…

  • horror novels

    Why Are Horror Novels Frowned Upon?

    Horror literature traces back to the early days of man, to the Bible, and to early works all over the world. One could say as long as humans have existed, so did horror. The earliest men told scary stories around a campfire fire to keep their kids in line or to get a fright out of their friends. It was good fun. As horror novels progressed, it shifted, evolved, and changed to the culture. It wasn’t until the 19th and 20th century that the horror novel had a wide audience. H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelly, Edgar Allan Poe, and many others molded and crafted horror novels from folktales and their own…