• The Myth of the Wealthy Author

    The Myth of the Wealthy Author

    The myth of the wealthy author has existed for many moons. With the dawn of the printing press, authorship suddenly became popularized and widespread rather than exclusive only to bald monks in a dank basement. Charles Dickens, of course, comes to mind as one of the first wealthy authors to appear in modern times. Dostoyevsky might have been wealthy, too, if he hadn’t been bad at managing his money. Today, we have J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and James Patterson, among other popular authors who have made millions (though arguably some of these authors get great movie royalties, too). In pop culture, there’s also the “Lotto Winning Author” (i.e. Stephanie Meyer).…

  • don't trust writing gurus

    Don’t Trust Writing Gurus

    The desire to be a writer is big business and writing gurus know it. Across Google’s searches on writing are a plethora of “How To” articles telling you what you need to do to be a successful author. Many of these are well-intentioned and want to provide good advice. Many others are snake oil salesman. Distinguishing the two can become difficult but it could save you a ton of money and a heap of unneeded disappointment. Writing gurus, as I like to call them, are defined as being writers who likely had a tremendous amount of success in their own writing endeavors, selling loads of books through various means. Somewhere…

  • giving up on movies

    Giving Up Movies

    I’m giving up movies. They’ve been a huge part of my life since as long as I can remember. My dad would take me to the movie theater quite often and I’d obsessively watch the same movies on the VHS player over and over. I never tired of them. Until recently. Many reasons could have contributed to my recent fatigue. For the past several years I’ve reviewed movies for the website¬†Minnesota Connected. Being able to review movies had always been a dream of mine and having the ability to get early and free pre-screenings really roared a fire under that passion. Though as time went on and my desire to…