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    Horror is Not a Genre

    Horror is not a genre, it is an emotion. It is a progressive form of fiction, one that evolves to meet the fears and anxieties of its times. ~ Douglas E. Winter Many have often wondered, “What is the horror genre, anyway?” Well, first, as Douglas E. Winter so beautifully pointed out, it’s not a genre. It’s an emotion.  Horror is the tickle you get when your hair stands up on the back of your neck. It’s the sickening feeling in your stomach when you see a disturbing image or are faced with a catastrophic problem. It’s the one image you can’t get out of your head, the monster you’re…

  • horror tropes

    Horror Tropes That Should Never Go Away

    Horror tropes get a bad rap. Heck, tropes in general do. But, it’s important to realize some tropes just can’t be avoided. Usually, tropes exist due to genre requirements called “conventions” or expectations by the audience to have certain things in a story. For instance, horror tropes demand a killer have some kind of scary weapon. You wouldn’t have a killer use a butter-knife because psychologically it doesn’t elicit as much fear as, say, a steak knife. Horror tropes, however, can be over-used and blatantly copied. If a hundred stories are all about a chainsaw-wielding murderer, it’ll eventually lose its edge and become lame. How you creatively utilize them will make them interesting.…

  • TV

    ‘Black Mirror’ – Season 4, Ranked

    For paranoid technophobes like myself, Black Mirror is the perfect television show. I regularly read futurist predictions, the latest technology, and anything else that will spell doom for the human race. In other words, I read Wired a lot. It’s a bad habit. The beauty of Black Mirror is the simultaneous catharsis and dread I feel after watching an episode. I dread the realities of each episode, the very real near future possibilities. The catharsis comes when I realize the show exists purely to act as one giant red flag. This is not a show basking in the glory of the future. It’s dreading it. In a way, it’s the anti-Star Trek.…

  • new year

    A New Year With One Goal

    Each New Year, millions gather together to celebrate the passing of the old and the coming of the new. Lips and glass collide to ring in a new cycle of the Earth’s orbit, one tiny blue grain of sand in the sea of the universe, circling a fireball among thousands. For an experience neither unique or extraordinary, it’s still magical. There’s no denying it. And, for some reason, a new rotation of the Earth compels us to rotate ourselves toward something better, something fresh. But, good intentions rarely make good on them. Everyone knows most people break their resolutions. It’s just human nature. We want the feels but when the…