NaNoWriMo Tip #5 – Just Write

At first glance telling you to “just write” is an obvious statement. “Isn’t that the point of NaNoWriMo?” you say.

For some, writing is the singular most difficult to thing to do. Putting words down on paper feels to them like an impossible task. For others, of course, it’s as easy as spreading warm butter over bread.

Writing is also a past, present, and future experience wrapped into one process. Beginning writing for NaNoWriMo can be the largest hump while for others it could be to keep writing.

If you’re sitting in front of a blank word processor page for longer than five minutes and you haven’t written anything yet, just write. 

If you’ve written over a thousand words but you got stuck at a certain point in the story and you’re criticizing your own work, just write. 

Don’t worry about making the perfect first sentence. Don’t worry about details. Don’t worry about anything other than to write.

A helpful tip I read from Stephen King (Maybe you heard of him?) in his book On Writing was something he heard from his teacher. Write with the door closed and edit with the door open. 

In other words, this is your first draft, so just write. Close the door literally and figuratively and write whatever comes out of that beautiful, colorful, and creative skull. There is no time for self-reflection. No time to critique your thoughts or your imagination.

Now is the time to play, be free, and just write.

So get to it, pendragon!


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