A Public Library

I wrote in the library this morning. Well, more like edited, but same thing, right? It was quieter than usual. Most days children swarm around the kid’s books making all kinds of noises while the adults goof around on the computers, doing pretty much anything other than reading. Libraries have become all things to all people, I guess. The books stare longingly at the children and adults who would much rather stare at an illuminated computer screen.

I’m one of those adults. Somedays I’ll go to the library to check out books or look at their “For Sale” section, but it’s rare. Whenever I’m in the mood to check out books, I usually take way too many than I actually need. The librarians probably think I’m crazy with the stack of books I run off with. And yes, I’ve racked up quite the fines in my day (mostly college), but I do better at returning them on time now.

Today, I went to the library to write. You know, like I said before. Funny enough there’s a closer library to my house, but I go to this other one because I like the lay of the land a little better. There’s a nice spot with a big table in the back corner that everyone loves to use. This time I was lucky enough to snag it. I spent a solid three hours working, and maybe a little bit of that time reading news, Facebook, and emails. Note to self: Get better about ignoring those three things.

Libraries beat coffee shops ten times over. They’re quieter. They have more room to stretch out your legs. And, let’s face it, they’re free. Unless you want to be that guy, coffee shops require you buy coffee and throwing down $2.50 a day can get kinda spendy (at least for me). I brew my own at home and bring it into the library. Problem solved.

There’s something about libraries, too. The old ones have that cool musty smell. Granted, growing up I spent a lot of my time in them, browsing the bookshelves, and reading the titles of books. Did I mention my dad is a librarian? In some ways, libraries are in my blood, I guess.

When was the last time you went to a library?