Two Down, Four More to Go

I finished the first draft of Part 2 of Orphan’s Hollow. And I’m still behind. It’s an odd feeling to finish something and still have plenty left to do. I want to celebrate, but that feels premature. Maybe I’ll get ahead in the next few weeks but it’s hard to say. When all is said and done and the last words are written and the final part is published, then I’ll celebrate.

I’ve been sleeping better which is a plus. I think it’s the warmer weather. Anytime it hits below zero it’s like my body goes into shock and struggles to sleep.

Next, I plan to hop into the editing process of Part 2 while I simultaneously write Part 3. Switching gears could prove treacherous. I’m hopeful, though. I don’t have much of a choice.

As time goes along, I’ll share a little more of my process with everyone. Spreadsheets and all.

Until then, I hope you enjoy Orphan’s Hollow: The Raven – Part 1.

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