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    Facing Death in ‘Pet Sematary’

    Some time ago while I lay on the couch, a wave of thought came over me – What is the nature of death? Our own existence is what we’ve known since birth and contemplating the end of existence feels like a foreign invader. The idea that all of this will cease struck me, it struck me to the core. I felt hollow inside and numb. I lay there for almost an hour, still, staring up at the popcorn ceiling. Boy, was that a horrible feeling. There’s nothing productive about those kinds of thoughts and I haven’t delved back in since, but I did come to one truth: Death is scary…

  • writing

    Two Down, Four More to Go

    I finished the first draft of Part 2 of Orphan’s Hollow. And I’m still behind. It’s an odd feeling to finish something and still have plenty left to do. I want to celebrate, but that feels premature. Maybe I’ll get ahead in the next few weeks but it’s hard to say. When all is said and done and the last words are written and the final part is published, then I’ll celebrate. I’ve been sleeping better which is a plus. I think it’s the warmer weather. Anytime it hits below zero it’s like my body goes into shock and struggles to sleep. Next, I plan to hop into the editing…

  • Horror

    True Stories on Friday the 13th

    Superstition and Friday the 13th is synonymous with each other. People try to stave it off. Sometimes you have to knock on wood or throw salt over your shoulder. Somewhere along the way, Friday the 13th kept getting passed down from generation to generation as a bad, unlucky day. Many point to Christ, the 13 disciples, and Good Friday as the beginning, or the Knights Templar and their horrific torture, but the most likely explanation point to William Fowler. The movie Friday the 13th, of course, probably helped reinvigorate interest for today’s modern sensibilities. I remember growing up always hearing from classmates about how “tomorrow was Friday the 13th. Better watch out! Something bad might happen.” I…

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    How To,  Writing

    How to Silence Your Internal Editor

    In my past article How I Write 3,000 Words Per Hour, I talk about the idea of keeping the door closed when you write and keeping it open when you edit. Of course, the phrase is not entirely literal. When you’re writing your first draft you shouldn’t bother yourself with critiquing and editing every last sentence. Too many writers think the first draft should be perfect, and if it’s anything less, they have to start all over. Other writers trudge through a bog of their own making, continuously re-writing their first paragraph. They get so drained and exhausted. It’s no wonder why they give up. Believe it or not many, many writers do this (and have done…

  • Horror

    The Horrors in ‘Child of God’

    I often tell people, monster movies don’t scare me. It’s the real stuff that freaks me out. I think the scariest horror film is A Beautiful Mind. And I don’t say that in jest. The idea of seeing people that aren’t there scares me to death. That’s not to say ghost stories don’t get my heart racing or aren’t a little freaky, but for some reason, it’s the real stuff that gets me the most.