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15 Spoiler-Filled Thoughts on ‘Rogue One’

If you somehow didn’t manage to read the title before looking at this article, let me make it abundantly clear – SPOILERS AHEAD.

Rogue One has many ‘firsts’ for the Star Wars franchise. It’s the first Star Wars film to not have a text crawl in the beginning. The first to not have John Williams as the composer (No, the Ewok movies don’t count). It’s also the first to not have any Jedi. It stands apart on many different levels, making it a unique story within the Star Wars mythos.

After watching Rogue One for the first time, I thought I’d list off a bunch of my thoughts. And again it’s a minefield of spoilers, so don’t proceed if you don’t want to be spoiled.


  1. Finally, Star Wars is an actual war film.
  2. I liked the R2D2 and C-3PO cameo, but it also felt unnecessary and shoe-horned in. Either way, good to see those two again. 
  3. Finally, they explained why the Death Star had such a fatal flaw in its design. Galen Erso purposely designed it so the rebels could have a fighting chance, and so he could get his revenge.
  4. I loved the Saw Gerrera character angle of a paranoid rebel leader worried that everyone was against him. It was a small touch but gave the story dimension. I kind of wished he didn’t just give up automatically. I seriously don’t get that in stories. “No, I’m just going to die here and not even try to live.”
  5. Did Cassian murder a dude so that he wouldn’t fall into the hands of the empire and alert them that the Rebels know about the pilot spy? It seemed like a cold/bad ass move. Buckle up – This ain’t your father’s Star Wars.
  6. Honestly, why would the Rebels order to kill Galen? What does that accomplish? He already designed the Death Star. Did the rebels think he still needed to do more? Also, why would Krennic mass murder all his engineers? I mean…you need those guys, right?
  7. The Darth Vader scene at the end where he unleashed on all those rebel soldiers was both terrifying, exciting, and nerd fan service all wrapped up into a delicious burrito and I can’t wait to see it again. The intensity alone brought a whole different dimension to Vader that we haven’t seen on film. Usually, all he did was walk around and choke people. The mayhem he unleashed made me want to see more of him in other movies, but I’m guessing a Darth Vader stand alone might be too much to ask for. 
  8. Grand Moff Tarkin. His foul stench wasn’t the only problem with his presence in the movie. It was his CGI-Face. I really wanted to ignore it, but it was next to impossible. His face looked straight out of a video game and some of his movements didn’t help create a realistic portrait. I get Peter Cushing is one-of-a-kind but could they not find anyone to replace him? They replaced so many other characters. Why did Tarkin need a CGI Face?
  9. Princess Leia’s cameo at the end didn’t surprise me at all. It only made sense she’d appear at the end to kick off A New Hope. Except, again with the CGI-Face! Could they not find a look-a-like? I feel like getting actors to replace older actors would be more forgivable than CGI-Face. 
  10. I did not expect to see a Dr. Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba cameo! That was super cool and kind of hilarious how Cassian pulled Jyn Erso away when she bumped into them. Though, let’s be honest, Jyn would have been a bigger problem for Cornelius than Luke was in A New Hope.
  11. I found it way too convenient that Cassian had a way to get out of the Saw Gerrera’s jail and that Bohdi Rook magically stopped “going insane” later in the movie. They should have explained those things better.
  12. K-2SO’s dark humor was the only humor in the film, and I loved it. 
  13. When K-2SO said, “I have a bad feeling-” and Jyn and Cassian shushed him, it was perfect. I’m growing tired of that line being a tradition in the franchise.
  14. So, all the rebels needed on Hoth were better weapons to defeat the Imperial Walkers (AT-AT) rather than the tow cables? It looked way too convenient how easily they destroyed the Walkers in Rogue One. 
  15. I’m guessing everyone dying isn’t going to go well with most people. Call me weird, but I loved it. I kind of assumed they would all die. It felt like a suicide mission and since it’s a war film, it made sense. They handled it really well, too, especially the final death with Jyn and Cassian. It was a poetic way to die.


What struck you about Rogue One? What did you like the most about it? 

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