I think one of the scariest things for a writer is staring at a blank page and wondering how they will ever write that perfect first sentence to draw in their readers. For non-writers, that’s a strange fear, but you’ll have to believe me when I say it’s the stuff of nightmares. It cripples the best of us.

In many ways, this new website is a blank page for me. I’m staring at it, clueless on how I want it to be shaped, formed, and to best represent my vision of who I am as a writer. How do I draw you in? I suppose that’s the question all writers face whenever crafting a story. Pulling in readers for stories doesn’t trouble me too often anymore. I feel confident I can take a steady swing and be able to achieve a decent rate of success, but for a website I’m usually lost and unsure how to make this work.

The best way to do anything is to try, fail, get up, try again, fail, rinse with soap, give yourself a pep talk in the mirror, and try again. So, this website, this blog, my writing and work will be exactly that. I’ll muse about my notes, my thoughts on current events, my experience with writing, and anything else that pops into my brain at the time. There’s no formula yet. It’s all trial and error and shooting in the dark until I actually find a formula. Eventually, this website will be chalk full of information. Just not yet.

Would you follow me into the dark? Eventually, I’ll find a way out and if you were there with me through the process I’d be forever grateful.



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