Hi. My name is Jason Ingolfsland and I write everything.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror. You name it. Maybe one day I'll write an Amish Vampire Romance (I kid). But I get it. You're here scratching your head, wondering where to start or how to pin me down. How about I save you the trouble. Just don't. 

I believe writers should be able to write anything. It's easy to hole up into a certain section of the literary world and make camp. Readers know where you stand and writing will always be the same. 

I want more. I believe the only way to stretch myself is to experience all facets of writing. Whether its fiction, non-fiction, journalism, movie reviews, screenplays, articles, or whatever comes my way, I want to write it. It's understandable that this can be especially frustrating for readers who just want a genre writer. It's safe. 

But I can promise you one thing, I'm not safe. I want you clutching the book, engaged, thrilled, moved, and hungry for more. No matter the genre or the piece of writing. That's my goal. 

I hope you'll dive in today. 

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