• Curb_Your_Ego

    Balancing Ego and Humility as a Writer

    Look, here’s the deal, all artists, writers, authors, etc., are pretentious, egotistical maniacs. Balancing ego and humility as a writer is like a trapeze artist carrying an elephant on their back while they walk across a tightrope. It’s nigh impossible. It’s also essential. I suffered from this problem often (and still struggle with it) when I first hopped into the foray of writing as a young adult. The high of finding an art form I loved and the thrill of dreaming about being a writer somehow took over the idea of actually writing. I’d form stories in my head and dream of writing them down but rarely did. Yet, somehow, I dreamed…

  • how to make writing fun again
    How To

    How to Make Writing Fun Again

    If you’re writing and it’s a blast, this article isn’t for you. But one day, it will be. Let me explain. A long time ago a couple states down from where I live now, I was a kid on fire for writing, suddenly obsessed with the art form. After school, I’d write for hours and would feel totally enthralled by it. If you’re a writer, you likely know what I’m talking about. It’s a catharsis like no other. Over the years, writing never ceased being fun. I’d imagine writing in my head and later actually write it all out. There’s something about seeing worlds and character come to life on…

  • clogged drain

    A Monster In The Drain

    I. I came home from a Disney World vacation to a clogged drain. It was in the kitchen. I ran the disposal a few times and noticed the water came rising back like a water zombie (Do water zombies exist? I need to look into this). I kept trying to see if the disposal would eventually force whatever clogged the drain but the water returned all the same. Putting my Sherlock hat on, I noticed little tiny white pieces of rice rose out of the drain. So I figured somehow, someone shoved a little too much rice down the drain. It seemed ridiculous. How much rice does it take to…

  • Carousel_at_Hyde_Park

    ‘Carouseling’ by Rich Larson – A Review

    I thoroughly suggest you first read this short story before you continue.  If you want to create a tearjerker, establish two lovers happy together and then tragically rip them apart. This Rich Larson fully understands in his short science fiction story ‘Carouseling,’ published in Clarkesworld Magazine. But, he also deftly establishes the tragic nature of the story, tipping off his audience ever so subtly that there will be no happy ending. Perhaps it’s the melancholic tone or lack of urgency in the plot to bring them back together, but either way, this story is a gut punch by the end and much of that is thanks to Larson’s solid handling…

  • Writing

    145 Ideas and Counting

    Well, it’s been 10 days and I’ve come up with 145 short story ideas. And counting. At this point, I think I’ve added a few more. If I keep this up, I’ll easily make the 365 short story ideas goal. Some of these ideas might even be potential novel ideas. To be honest, that’s been the hardest part. When I come up with a great idea, I have to decide if it’s more of a novel concept rather than a short story. Usually, I’ll put it down anyway and make that decision later. Short stories, for me, are tough because they’re a slice of a story. I love having time…