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I'm an author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I'd love for you to join me on my writing journey.

Orphan's Hollow is a serialized horror novel about the North family and their farm in rural Tennessee. They run a foster home, taking care of many children of all ages, and tend to the farm. But despite their sterling reputation, a darkness creeps underneath, desperate to be let out.

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I got the writing bug in high school and never looked back. For over fifteen years I've written for newspapers, literary magazines, and websites. I've published two novels, several short stories, and screenplays. My passion is writing, plain and simple.

Jason Ingolfsland does an awesome job at setting the right mood and pacing to creep you out in these stories. I particularly enjoyed the first story with the two brothers--who hasn't tried to scare their little brother before? If you're a fan of horror and ghost stories around a campfire, this collection is perfect for you!

 Daniel Adorno, Author of The Blade Heir

Daniel Adorno

Jason Ingolfsland mixes deeply human themes with horror and does it all with perfect pacing that build the fear and suspense of each story. I was on the edge of my seat, not able to put these short stories down. I especially liked the Claims analyst in the hotel story. Stories are original and dive deeper than your typical horror flick which makes me hope Mr. Ingolfsland brings us more of these gems.

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Orphan's Hollow The Raven

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